Open Audio Recognition

Put ears to your apps with audio identification technology

Real-time audio fingerprinting technology for any device

Fast and compact

  • Real-time recognitions in just a few seconds for most applications
  • Blazing fast fingerprinting even on low-end hardware
  • Packed into a tiny binary that fits the smallest devices
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Flexible and robust

  • Content-agnostic algorithms capable of identifying audio of different nature
  • Robust over-the-air (OTA) technology for recognitions in noisy environments
  • Adaptive engine with configurable parameters
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Portable and efficient

  • Run on any device with support for multiple platforms
  • Written in standard C++ for maximum performance
  • Well documented and powerful API for easy integration
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Audioneex is Open Source software provided under the Mozilla Public License 2.0. Head to the GitHub repo and try it out!

NEWS: The full implementation of our commercial ACR engine is now open source and available on GitHub.


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